01. About August

Styled by Wanze Song, Shot with Jennifer Cheng, Model Christina 

02. Alakiir

Styled by Lee Trigg, Model Alakiir 

04. Clara

Modelled by Clara with Scoop Models

06. Dang

Styled by Mila Franovic, Modelled by Dang with Stranger Agency

08. Josina

Styled by Patricia Lagmay, Hair by Tania Becker, MU by Win Liu, Modelled by Josina

09. Joy Ride

Art Direction by Mark Reynolds, Styling by Lee Triggs, MUA/Hair by Melanie Neufeld, Modelled by Alek Pichlak

10. Liana

Styled by Patricia Lagmay, Modelled by Liana, Hair by Erin Klassen, MU by Meredith Lacosse

12. Stillness featuring Linder NYC

13. Tia

Styling by Mila Franovic, Modelled by Tia with Legends Cafe

14. Yuka

15. Uncanny Valley

Modelled by Trevor Feehan, Art Direction by Mark Reynolds, Styling by Leila Bani, MUA/Hair by Mina


01. 017 X Etudes

Styled by Jenny Choi

04. BAF

09. Linder NYC

Shot with Jennifer Cheng, Art Direction by Sam & Kirk Miller, Styled by Marley Rose

13. TBD-Form


01. Cambodia

03. Kinder Morgan

06. Travel